Thursday, January 27, 2011

Bassett; Potato Cannon Roughs

Jones, Cracker Box Amp

So here are my roughs. I'm going to mess with composition (for sure) with my digital roughs. Mostly with the amp knob ones.
I combined 2 roughs into one (don't know if that counts) but didn't want to re-draw pretty much the same thing.

James- "Green Surfboard" Roughs


My roughs, are a bit rough...

Suniga- Cigar Box Guitar


Kristy RIchard Roughs

Martinez: Marie Antoinette Roughs

I mainly played with different expressions I felt a decapitated head might have. They all focus around trick or treat, Halloween candy bowls, bags, or her head as a bag, and have a delicious bloody guts head stuffed in too. A couple focus more on a dainty feminine head contrasting with gory elements, and a couple focus on her head just plain zombie gross.

marasigan - tv-b-gone roughs

kallus Reclaimed vase roughs

Ok so here are my roughs for the reclaimed vase. I have been having issues with this idea so any comments would be AWESOME/

Switzer, Roughs

First 4 would be done with photography. I would be buying a few apples and seeing which method of binding the bite back on would work best. might be painting or photoshoping the apple to be silver.

Larson- Roughs- Candy portrait

Kellner Roughs


Silguero, Roughs

Wilson, Roughs