Wednesday, January 19, 2011

marasigan - TV-B-Gone (Hat)

The instructions are for a TV-B-Gone Hat, but I may (if allowed) just work on an ad for building just the remote.  The TV-B-Gone is a trigger which can turn off (or on) almost any television within at least 75 feet by simply pointing the device and pressing a button.

I chose this project because I can't count how many times I've been somewhere and been distracted by the television, whether in public or at a friend's home.  I don't like watching TV, but when it's on I have a hard time paying attention to more important things.  This Make Project, while giving those with similar struggles as me a way out without having to say a word, will also provide entertainment as we watch people try to figure out why their TV set keeps turning off.

My approach will likely utilize illustrative techniques.  I think I can pull it off with primarily graphics, although I tend to use type in most of my designs.  This approach may change as I start to lay out thumbnails.


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