Wednesday, January 26, 2011

McCastlain, Random Candle Screen-roughs

so i have five different ideas....still undecided so i thought i would throw all of these out. first one is beer can with fire instead of actual beer drop.this second one i thought it might be interesting to incorporate candle wax with the empty plastic beer holder rings? Or even create a pattern by using more than one of these?
Third rough would be to create flame with beer tabs. i would either use actual beer tabs or illustrate beer tabs and create some kind of gradient to suggest fire. If decide to use photography i would use different colored tabs to show the different colors of the flame.
Fourth: Keep it simple and just use beer tab.
Lastly i thought about making beer tab look like actual light bulb and incorporate scan life code as part of the bulb.
Any comments/feedback would be great !

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