Sunday, June 12, 2011


Stephen King's- Christine

The story starts with high school geek Arnie Cunningham who is picked on by bullies bossed around by over protective parents. Arnie in search for his first car falls in love with "Christine", a bright red 1958 Plymouth Fury in need of total overhaul and restoration. It's rotting away in and elderly mans yard for sale for $250. This car is no ordinary classic it's been possessed by an evil supernatural force that kills almost everyone around it since it was on the assembly line, everyone except Arnie, a teen and first time car owner willing to by anything. After purchasing the car Christine uses him by possessing him to get new parts to restore it. After restoring the car to mint condition Christine has total control of Arnie, it even fixes itself when damaged and drives itself and Arnie to kill. Eventually, Christine possesses Arnie far enough to turn against his family and friends keeping only Arnie to itself. One by one, Christine and the possessed Arnie kill their victims first starting on Arnie's high school bullies then everyone else he knows. By the end of the story Arnie's best friend Dennis and girlfriend Leigh who was almost killed by Christine have no other choice but to end the murders and save their own lives by terminating Christine and their irreversibly turned evil friend Arnie.

Possession, Evil, indestructible, classic, restoration, killer, man slaughter, nerd, changing, crazy, jealousy, psycho, twisted metal, revenge, rage, destruction, demolition, carbon monoxide, horse power, torque, dark, crushing, fire, explosion, suspense,

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