Monday, June 13, 2011

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The Golden Compass by Philip Pullman (also titled Northern Lights)

This novel is about a young girl, Lyra, who along with her daemon (external form of a person's soul in the form of an animal) Pantalaimon, go on an adventure to save her friend. Her friend was kidnapped by a group of people doing experiments on children in order to figure out the true nature of Dust - a microscopic particle that can bring different universes/worlds together. She encounters and gets help from a number of different people in her quest. She acquires a device to help her on her journey, an athliometer (golden compass) - a device that allows her to see past, present, and future; which, gives her answers to questions she has and helps guide her on her way. She eventually finds her friend and helps to free the children. At the end of the novel she leaves her world and goes into another.

adventure, fantasy, daemon, animals, shifting, Dust, athliometer, symbols, compass, three needles, Arctic landscape, Oxford England, armored bears, witches, boat people,

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