Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Week #1 Blog Assignment: Welcome to Poster Design!

Hey guys,

Welcome to Poster Design. The primary purpose of this blog is to upload process of our projects. I may have additional blog assignments periodically.
Blog Assignment #1: Introduction and getting started
1. You should have received an email invite. Follow the instructions to begin participating in the blog.
2. Make a NEW POST. In the title put your LAST NAME and name of favorite poster (or subject of poster)
3. In the body, write a little intro about yourself (something interesting about you) AND upload an image of the poster you think is awesome. Note: I do not want any TWILIGHT Posters or kitten posters saying "Hang in There"!
4. At the bottom of the post you can add a LABEL

Label as follows

  • favorite
  • 11am or 2pm (depending on your section)

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