Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Hi, my name is Adrian Martinez, I'm a senior in com des who will hopefully graduate this fall. Drawing anything and everything has been my talent and hobby since I could remember. I have no specific drawing style I just like to make my drawings as detailed as possible the best I can. With the encouragement of my family to continue drawing and make use of my talent in art I was motivated to continue drawing and also curios what other media I may be good at using besides pencil and paper.After all, I can do many things since drawing is the foundation to laying out concepts for any project. Since graphic design art via computers was the most different media of what I used before I was curious to exploring my limit of creativity and possibly discovering other talents I may have, which lead me into com des.

I don't have a favorite poster but I like the Platoon movie poster. This poster shows the Vietnam War with Sgt. Elias a U.S. Soldier (movie character) on his knees wounded right before he is shot and killed by the vietnamese soldiers behind him while a friendly helicopter aides him with cover fire just a little too late. I like it because it captures the climax of the movie with Sgt. Elias dramatic death scene as he poses on his knees sacrificing himself. The size of the bombs are overly exaggerated and off set from the movie but neccessary for capturing the intensity and dramatization of the real thing, also the dog tags for the O's are awesome to.

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