Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Webber - Spirit movie poster

Favorite Poster:

"The Spirit" may have been a boring movie, you can't deny that this movie poster is pretty damn cool. What I love about this poster is it combines all the movie posters into one collection as billboards amongst a burning and dark city background. The colors, ranging from amber to black pop out and are just absolutely gorgeous as explosions and fire. Eve Mendes', Samuel J. Jackson's and Scarlett Jonansson's eyes certainly call the viewer's attention while Sarah Paulson expression is stuck in her own train of thought. If I can find this poster, I would like to hang it in my living room next to my other "Spirit" movie poster.
This poster contains more action then the

About Me:

I'm a Mass Communication - Electronic Media (broadcast news) major a Comm Des minor. I just finished my all the require d courses for my major and I need one more Comm Des class to graduate. Some of my student media activities include KTSW where I worked for the news and production departments for two semesters and I was the associate producer for the student run talk show "La Bella Vida."

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