Thursday, March 10, 2011

Spencer, Dimensional Final

1. What is the interactive element?
The poster has perforated strips with tabs on the ends that fold in. You tear the strips free, fold the ends of the tabs in and insert them into the pre-cut slots to form the shape of the Guggenheim.
2. Why did I choose this method?
What better way to showcase the building than to build a mini one? If I were a huge fan of the building I would like being able to have a mini model without having to buy the expensive lego set. Although that might undermine the purpose of this poster... haha.
3. How successful was the final piece?
I think it was pretty successful. I had some problems with the perforation and had to just use an xacto, but I just should've been pressing harder.
4. What did I learn from this project?
The importance of paper weight, for sure! Also the importance of a LOT of physical form roughs when you're doing something like this.

(I don't know WHY the text seems to be screwing everything up, but I've tried 3 times to fix it, it keeps getting weirder, and I'm tired.)

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