Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Garcia - House of Leaves THUMBS

I am trying to experiment with disorientation and randomness, while creating multiple layers and sections for the characters in the story. As I progress into the design, i'm sure they will become just as complex as the book itself.


The story begins with a tattoo parlor employee names Johnny Truant, who is looking for a new apartment in LA. His friend, Lude, tells him about one in his building that belonged to an elderly man named Zampano, who has recently passed away. Johnny finds a manuscript written by Zampano which is a study done on a documentary film called The Navidson Record. He attempts to put the pieces of Zampano’s writings together about the Navidson family and their house whose dimensions are larger inside than on the outside, and expanding on its own.

This story is told from several different viewpoints: Truant, Zampano, Will Navidson and the editors of the actual book, along with countless footnotes. Different fonts are used for each main character.

I would like to create a cover that reflects the main viewpoints of the three characters, in some kind of layered appearance that is primarily text and texture. The type will scattered and fractured, as portrayed in the book, with minimal color to highlight certain aspects of the artwork, such as blue being used for the word "House". The text would create various images from the story, such as the long hallway or house from the Navidson Record.


  1. I like the one you have stared at the top right and the one in the middle. Multiple folds to create the text sounds interesting. Especially since the book is told from different points of view. I also like the one the has been flipped upside down, creating different ways to open the book.

  2. I like the idea of having different fonts throughout the design, I noticed that in several of your ideas. I like the middle and middle right ideas because of the fact that you can unfold it and fold it back up in a different way. If the book is told through different viewpoints then its good to have to book cover be put back together in different way, every time.

  3. The door idea under the middle thumb and the top right are nice concepts. I also agree with Andrew and think it would be neat to have the book be able to fold up in different ways, however it might be confusing or overlooked with the original fold marks already in place.