Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Smith - Peter Pan

Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie
The book focuses on a boy who brings children into Neverland to have fun and adventures. His main focus is a girl named Wendy who is always is trying to impress. A fairy that is jealous of the relationship and a pirate trying to kill them. The book shows the innocence of a child. But seems to be darker then that.
Number 1 - Its focusing on the journey through Neverland. Starting in the bedroom, over the streets of London, over the ocean toward the star and arriving at neverland. So when its all the way unfolded, the viewer will see the whole story.

Number 2 - This is done in a how to style, how to fly. You would only see the image of Tink and the window, but once unfolded, it will show you the steps on how to fly.

Number 3 - This is a "Where's Peter" book. You would explore the different regions he is in and try to find the boy as well as the objects he uses through the story.

Number 4 - This one is completely type, its mainly just a poster of all the characters and the different place that the children visit.

Number 5 - This a poster of the crock. On one side of the poster it would be the outside of the crock, but once you unfold it, you would find the different objects inside of him that pertain to the story.


  1. nos. 2 & 3 are my favorite. i think no.3 would appeal to a younger audience, though. and i like no. 2 because i want to know how to fly. it's fun, i think it would be a good route to go for the book

  2. I love number 1 and 3.

    #1 is really great because you can see the shape of the island and get a feel of the world that Neverland is. I would really play this up by illustrating different landmarks from the story. Check out http://www.illustratedmapart.com/

    #3 is appealing to a young audience. Who doesn't love finding little hidden easter eggs in imagery? Where's Waldo type books are popular for a reason. This will also enable you to illustrate different areas of the book.

    Also, I feel like the type-only solution is more sophisticated and not necessarily for the young audience of the book. Just something to think about.

  3. I definitely like #1 & #3 as well! #1 is simple and I like how you see the individual pieces of the story, but when it's unfolded you see the whole picture. I think it works well with this story.

    #3 is great! I think it definitely goes with the story and is fun. It's great because it is a children's storybook type story and kids would love it.

    Either one would be a great solution for Peter Pan.