Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spencer, Book Jacket Roughs

The book I chose is The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka, in which the main character wakes up to discover that he's transformed overnight into a giant bug. (Most people think he's a cockroach, but he's a beetle.)

1. The cover would look like the front of a man's suit and would fold out to reveal a collage of bug wings. I was thinking about shifting the suit so that the tie was on the spine so that I could put the text on his lapel.

2. The fold of this one is like the examples Newton showed us and would reveal the the man to be part bug, with the text on the flap that's hiding the bug part.

3. Ultimately the poster would be a giant bug you could put on your wall and (I haven't worked out the logistics yet, but) when it's folded up the cover would be a section of the bug, but you wouldn't be able to tell until you folded it out.

4. Basically the same as #2 but folding out to reveal a bug face instead of a bug body.

5. The same as #1 but the inside would be one of those dead bug pin board things.

6. Basically supposed to look like the bug is curling around the book, not sure if it's really achieving it like I want it to...

7. Playing with revealing the bug and everything, this one would just have a leg on the cover and be more type based, but when you fold it out it would be a giant bug reaching onto the cover basically.


  1. 3 & 4 really creep me out. I like the idea of having this seemingly harmless image of a bug close up. I just imagine it being like a pretty chocolate brown color really close up. Then unfolding it to be this huge nasty looking creature that you have never seen so large. Either one of those ideas are my favorite.

  2. I really like the idea behind #3. It goes along with the whole idea of metamorphosis. The idea that what you are looking at changes it a whole new object in really interesting to me.

  3. I am leaning more towards no.1. I think that going from something clean-lined and proper, to the exact opposite to bug wings would be very interesting to see. (on a book jacket, and on a poster)