Thursday, March 10, 2011

Martinez-Seattle Space Needle

My interactive element involves the viewer cutting out the perforated needle and pulling it down to reveal the inside of the saucer. I wanted the viewer to read "check out the view" on the front and automatically assume it was referring to all the scenery. Then when they see the gutted out inside perspective, it would catch them off guard. But all in all the text is referencing how the Seattle Space Needle rotates 360 degrees and does allow its visitors to see all of Seattle. The silouette of the needle is the last element to leave them with the image of its unique architecture.I hope the interactive element took the viewer on a mini 360 rotation of their thought process. I believe it was successful, and I think that interactive element is one step above a 2 dimentional piece. The way one interacts with the piece will with no doubt give everyone a different experience that they can call their own.

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