Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Adam Basset, Brave New World book thumbs

So the book i chose was Brave New World by Aldous Huxley. It is about a society set in the distant future about 2540 AD. This society is controlled by the government to every extent. Regulated births, deaths, jobs, pills etc. The main conflict happens when they bring in a "savage" from the reservations out of the city and bring two of them back into the city. The culture shock is too much too handle on both sides, and the main character john the savage ends up hanging himself at the end to escape the media and people who are constantly following him at this point.

Thumbs 1-3 are poster/ covers that address the pills that the government make people take every day called somas. The first one would be a cover that would fold out into a poster (ie a rectangle in the end). Then thumbs 2 and 3 are covers that will form a pill shape. In all of these posters i have little pill capsules that would contain negative/positive words about the soma depending on the poster, and what the final composition is as of right now i want my first 3 to be just black and white, and maybe one other color.

Thumb 4 is a poster that has a noose that would be revealed upon folding it out etc. i am still playing with how to place it so "important" parts are revealed.

Thumb 5 is a poster as well that shows the two societies. It would hopefully be photography of a high tech society on one side, then the other, the savage reservation they have outside the city.


  1. Like number 1 and number 4. I think number 3 could be really simple/clean solution as well.

    I would try to give you input on other possible concepts, (because i'm trying to that with everyone) but i've never read brave new world. :/

    I think using the idea of regulating birth and death could be kinda cool though, depending on the way you go about it.

  2. I like thumbs 1 and 2 the most. I have never read the book, so I can't input too much on the meaning behind the pills but I really like the concept. I think the image of the pills being broken apart to reveal positive or negative words could make for an interesting image, especially if you have the words cluttered together in different fonts/sizes, so it looks really busy but still legible.

  3. I like the concept in the first thumb the best because I think it goes well with the overall theme of the book. I think it could also turn into a pretty cool visual on its own. I agree with Sosa that I'd like to see something coming out of the pill (whether it be words or images I'm not sure) just to further describe how the society revolves around this particular drug.