Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Gutierrez - A Rose for Emily Thumbs

A Rose for Emily is a short story by William Faulkner set in the Southern gothic genre. It is about a woman who is reclusive. She loses her father and then her fiance. The townsfolk are curious to see the inside of her home as she's been locked up for a long time. Come to find out, her fiance was that stinky smell they smelt all those years because he's a corpse in her bed.

Thumb explanations :: I wanted to experiment with the themes of isolation, memory and the past, as well as Emily's mental state. A lot of it are direct visual imagery from the text (corpse/skeleton, grey hair, pillow) and the title itself (rose).

1)This is taken straight out of those books that Rose showed us on the first day of the project brief. (Bedrock City) The flap has an attached origami rose that lets you interact/pull back the flap to reveal a skeleton/corpse on the dust jacket cover. The inside of the poster will have information divided into the folds of what an the origami rose would look like laid flat.

2) These are strands (braid?) of grey hair that has interwoven rose petals or rose leaves on the cover. Poster reveal an image of a large pillow with scattered sporadic grey hairs on it.

3) Tears in the poster to represent Emily's deteriorated mental state. Cover shows a woman with a tear strategically placed over her head. Open cover to reveal poster that has numerous tears in it.

4) Cover: emily and corpse face each other in close proximation. Open to reveal poster of Emily and corpse sharing a pillow now facing away from each other.

5) Cover: a large closeup of a woman's face with a diecut around the forehead/head area. Open to reveal the diecut poster with scattered rose petals.

6) Cover: a traditional southern home thats interactive to open to reveal a window interior where Emily kept corpse.

7) Cover: single rose---open poster to reveal a bed of roses

8) a memory type game. cover is scattered type and open poster to reveal complete words.

9) [similar to bedrock city paper flaps] Cover has tree trunk of a willow or other southern specific tree with dirt as the main flap and roots/vines leading to a cofffin. open to reveal a closeup of roots/vines wrapped around coffin

10) [similar to bedrock city paper flaps] cover looks like a bed--pillow has hair as type and the body of the bed has sunken in body shapes. open to reveal a poster of emily's hair strands in type leading to a rose.


  1. I like the idea of the corpse and Emily in bed together. I don't see a connection with the story by having them face apart when the cover opens. Maybe try figuring out a way to have the corpse hidden with just Emily on the cover sleeping. Then when you open up the cover a corpse is revealed in her bed next to her (or facing her). That would give a little more mystery, like the story, you don't really know until the end. I also like the rose and hair idea, but it seems a little creepy. :) I think you should go for number 4!

  2. I really like number 4 too. And the idea of the cover just showing her and then folding out to reveal the corpse is a really good idea and works in perfectly with the book.

    There is also something interesting about the torn one that shows the deterioration of Emily.