Monday, March 28, 2011

Klingaman_Fight Club Thumbs

Right now, I'm leaning towards having a series of folds where one side is the narrators point of view and when you unfold it, you see tylers point of view. This sort of conflicting, alter ego type images I think would work well for a book jacket. And as far as the poster, Im thinking about having a large scale image interpretation of the end of the novel in which the narrator views the collapse of the major credit card companies and buisness fall all around him with the tagline "where is my mind"

that tagline is still up in the air and i havent decided on anything for sure yet, but something short and to the point, but still crazy and powerful that it makes the reader wonder what he/she is about to get themselves into by reading this book.

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  1. I like the idea of the two perspectives. I think the 6th would be a great way to execute the folds. That way when it is on the book, you only see one image but you open it up and you see two. Plus, you are having to change your perspective to see each of the point of views.