Tuesday, March 29, 2011

richert,Katie_book cover_patchwork girl

1. the glass cat, who was made befor the patchwork girl.

2. the inside page. the folds make the many patches, they would be different colors. the letters would look like they were sewn into the patches. the doll sitting on top of the word girl

3. same idea as above. doll on side.

4. inside flap of Ojo, whom she becomes friends with. The left would be about the book written on a patch.

5. cover showing the patchwork girl and the scarecrow. As fold down the bottom flaps, it will reveal more of their legs and there feet touching(they like each other.) Glass cat is a snob and is on side flap, facing other direction.

6.the journey, showing map of where they will go. can be on top of the patches which are created by the folds of the paper.

7. the inside of the magician's house. showing the potions on back cover, the patches (from which the doll will be made from on front.

3. Inside flaps revealing the friends the patchwork girl will make

4. outside cover, showing the pile of patches with the potion about to drip on them.

The story


  1. I really like the idea behind #2 and the folds creating the patches from the story. I think they would take a natural shape that could easily be interpreted as such, and with a bit of texture applied could really give it depth. I think #5 has some interesting ideas behind it as well, where the flaps and folds can reveal the affection between the two characters and its progression. The outside flaps can be used to reveal additional characters as the story progresses. Very cool stuff.

  2. To have the patches sewed in would be a good idea in any of your thumbs. I like how #7 doesn't show any of the characters though. It's an idea that shows the origins of the characters, of course reading the book you would then have a different feel for the book cover. Perhaps the flaps can be used to hint at each of the characters, for example; hay for the scarecrow, patches for the doll, and potions for magician, etc.

  3. In #2 or with whatever idea you go with, It would be neat to have different color blocks to represent the patches between the folds. I also really like #5 and #7 with the origin idea, maybe go with a combination of those two for the cover. As far as the poster I would explore some more for the content/concept..you want to make sure you have a good pay off for the reader after unfolding everything.