Thursday, March 10, 2011

Gutierrez --Guggenheim Poster

1. What is the interactive element?
Perforated pull-tabs (the arrows) wrapping/curving around the rectangular poster, locking into place in cut-out slots.

2. Why did I choose this method?
It needed to represent the circular building, so I made strips of a wrap-around curve to achieve this.

3. How successful was the final piece?
I've happy about the interactive part. There could be some changes. The type I was iffy about, I think it needs re-working. And maybe the space between the logo (which is a tad bit big!) and the tips of the arrows may be too much space.

4. What did I learn from this project?
The many different options one can go through paper engineering to achieve (in my case) the appearance of the Guggenheim.

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