Thursday, March 10, 2011

Trinidad, Hancock Poster

You flip open the preforated square to reveal parts of the Hancock Tower. After unveiling all the squares the entire Hancock poster is revealed. I read that the Hancock Tower took 5,000,000 hours to make. I illustrated this fact by having each square represent one man working. And each square (ie, man hour) put together creates the finished Tower. The final piece, I feel is moderately successful however there are some minor things I would fix in the craftsmanship such as cutting more even squares. I would have also liked to have each square have a different man doing something different. Also after printing it out I realized that having a longer more vertical poster would allow for each square to actually be utilized in revealing the final tower. I learned the importance of having an abundance of X-Acto knife blades handy. This project also pushed me to think outside the typical poster dimensions.

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