Thursday, March 31, 2011

marasigan - the merchant of marvels and the peddler of dreams

Synopsis, from the front flap:
What to give the person who has everything?
Frederick Knick-Knack, the Peddler of Dreams, has a dilemma.  What to give his most marvelous friend, the Merchant of Marvels, on her birthday?  The Merchant of Marvels surely cannot want for much.  So Frederick must tempt her with every imaginable delight: elephants as small as specks of sand, an eyelash stolen from the Queen of Sheba, a sliver of the splinter that pricked Sleeping Beauty, the tear liqueur of the King of Crocodiles--but nothing will suffice.  Until, at last, Frederick alights upon what he comes to realize is the perfect gift--the gift that is the ultimate expression of his love.
so imagine where the images are drawn the shapes are actually cut out, and the back side would be items from the book (represented in the suitcase by the circles).  not exactly sure how this one would work once it is entirely unfolded.

this is not exactly how it will end up.  i would like it to have more folds for sure.  lots of different flaps to lift and pull and whatnot.  paper folding isn't my forte, if you haven't noticed...

this turns the cover into something like a chest/suitcase, where the peddler of dreams keeps all his trinkets and charms.  one side of the poster would be printed with the chest/suitcase texture, and the other side would be rows and columns of the items he has.
Sorry to the people who were supposed to critique mine.  I meant to have these up yesterday but got very busy.  I hope you can forgive me!

Also, take a look inside the book.  It's wonderful.


  1. I really like the idea of the cover being a suitcase you can unfold to find all the treasures/trinkets it carries.
    The book is great on the inside, it has a vintage feel which you could carry over to the cover. You wouldn't have to go too complicated on the folds, just enough to make it interesting and have enough space or "compartments" for all the objects you want to incorporated. I could see this going with a photomontage aesthetic.

    I checked out the inside of the book and its really cool, one of my thumbs is sorta like the book, using small pictures to illustrate the text

  2. I really like your third idea. From what you said the story was about, I think it would be a really interesting, yet simple way to show off what the book is about. And you don't have to worry about folding lots of paper :)