Thursday, March 10, 2011

Lanni - Architecture Poster

With this project I decided to make it a 3 poster series, by collecting each poster you will eventually contain all the parts to construct a model of the Empire State Building. Each Poster folds down to a certain section of the building, and will finally be placed on top of one another to finalize the collection. I had this idea from the moment we got the creative brief, this idea brought me back to my childhood when I had a soccer sticker book and saved my money to buy my next patch of stickers to hopefully finish the book before the season ended. I believe the finished product has some pros and cons...its successful in the fact its folds down to construct the actually building, but the execution could of been sharpened a tad bit more, but I still believe the project was a success. What I learned the most in this project is that i made the correct decision on my career, constructing the model was very tedious and made me realize architecture was definitely not the correct career path.

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