Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Larson-Gullivers Travels

Gulliver's Travels:
Man goes on 4 voyages each of which there are deeply rooted themes. The places he ends up are strange and fantastical. One place he's a giant, the next he's tiny, the place after that is a floating island, and then in the last there are talking horse like creatures.
Different themes are: might vs. right; individual vs. society; limits of human understanding
For more information: http://www.sparknotes.com/lit/gulliver/context.html

1. cover: four symbols of each voyage
poster: each symbol from the cover would make up a collage for each voyage in four different windows

2. cover: close up of rope
poster: full view of Gulliver tied down as a giant

3. cover: looks big (giant Gulliver)
poster: little Gulliver in comparison to some large object

4. cover: small descriptive type of different voyages or things within the places
poster: big Gulliver made out of type
possible type style: http://www.flickr.com/photos/isaiasloaiza/432000632/

5. cover: collage of different voyages with belly band
poster: title made out of collage
ex) http://www.flickr.com/photos/ottonassar/1150036623/in/photostream/

6. cover: reversible-could be big or little Gulliver, or any object
poster: reversible-" "

(7-10: each could be separate mini books/smaller posters of each part/ voyage from the book)

7. cover/ poster: playing with size. In this location the society is very prideful, but are actually really tiny people

8. cover/ poster: again playing with size. This place the people are giants, but quite humble. Gulliver talks about women's giant pores at one point

9-10. cover/posters: representations of the actual place, but still needs work on concept.


  1. Hey, I love this story. I like your ideas of collage from the different voyages and the lay out of #5, making the collage make the words. Maybe as you unfold the poster, more of the items are revealed. I also like the idea of the cover being a zoomed in part of something....like the eye, or nose dots. Again, maybe as you unfold, more of those close ups are revealed, maybe you can place them next to some of the smaller objects that he discovers to show his scale. I like the images you are using, it's just a matter of placing them in the folds of the poster.

  2. I also have fond memories of this story when I was a kid. I think the play on size for #6 would be an interesting concept to attempt. Maybe in combination with #3, Gulliver could be tall compared to a single object, but when folded it would be vice versa. Perhaps it could be a silhouette of Gulliver made out of images from the story? Either way, I think your ideas are on a good path :)

  3. I find #6 an interesting idea to pursue. To have a reversible poster is a great way to show the contrast between big Gulliver and little Gulliver. Maybe if you could have two ways to fold it back up to the book cover, that could add some playfulness. I also enjoy #7's idea of having a zoomed in part of something/someone and opening it to reveal the whole thing. It would be fun to work with scale here.