Thursday, March 10, 2011

Hansen: Space Needle Interactive Poster

The interactive element is the pull down flap of the seattle city sky line and Space Needle, so the poster basically has two layers. At first the poster is a depiction of the Seattle Space Needle in the skyline, the area around the needle and skyline is perforated, once detached and pulled down another layer of the poster is revealed. I chose this simple interactive method because I felt it would be the best way to show the 2 different stages of the needle (present day and during the 1962 world's fair). The final piece was successful, it was pretty simple so there weren't too many things that could go wrong. Working with cut paper is something kind of new to me, I like the look of the paper but I'm not quite sure if it was the best material for this particular project. This project taught me a lot about craftsmanship and to put together a trial poster before attempting the final piece when dealing with a multi piece poster.

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