Thursday, March 10, 2011

Richert_Falling water Lego Poster

The interactive element in this piece are the letters which pop off reveling more letters that can be pulled away from the poster and fall to represent water. I like the idea of the poster looking very minimal at first and then revealing the complex beauty, just as the building itself is both minimal and complex. The idea of the poster is that the light blue and the white letters coming out of the word falling water, will grab the viewers attention to look at the poster closer. Once they see the logo, the viewer will make the connection of "fallingwater" also being the name of one of the buildings in the Lego architect series. The overall poster worked just as I hoped, although it was more work then I anticipated. From the assignment I leaned to keep things simple, the difference paper weight makes and the importance of doing roughs to make sure the idea will work. I also learned more about different papers available at the Clampitt paper store in Austin, they will give you cool free paper, but I should make an appointment next time I go.

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