Monday, March 28, 2011

Melissa Espinales's Jumanji Thumbs

The story I decided to go with was Jumanji. For those who don't know it's about 2 kids who find a book in the park and when they started playing they realized that the game comes to life. For example if you roll a 7 a lion will appear in behind you. So depending what number you roll depends on what comes out of the game. The things that came out the game vary from lions, monkeys, bugs, plants, rain, a tour guide and a volcano.

Next to each thumb I have written what I would like out of each thumb and if I wanted it to be a inside the poster, the cover or the back.


  1. I've tried to enlarge the first image on two different computers and for some reason it won't enlarge. So bear with me, if I am misreading those images.
    I like the board game idea. I think having the cover fold out into the board game from something else is really neat. Would the cover look like the box? Aside from those two ideas, I also think the lion one is kind of neat. I've never read the book so I am not sure how important the lion is to the story but I think its a neat image. But I still like the idea with the board game and box better.

  2. I'm noticing that same problem of enlarging the first image. I'm not to sure how to fix it. Sorry guys.

  3. I also like the board game idea, my question would be if you do the board game will you include dice so that people can play it. I'm thinking when they see the game their gonna want to play it. Or, you could do an illustration where the game has been played with some sort of end result related to the story.

  4. Definitely agree with the board game idea, you could possibly add a pop out dice that you could fold and be glued together with some flaps, also to add to the 1st 2 comments I too could not enlarge the 1st image.