Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Wilson, Book Cover Thumbs

Water For Elephants

A story about a man in a nursing home who is reminiscing about his life in the circus. It goes between present time and memories. The book describes different events that happens during his work with the circus. I want to play on the memories he is having, relating to the folds in the poster. I also want to play on the circus, and the different acts at a circus to relate to the folds as well. I am going to do this in a gritty, vintage, 1920's style, with flat colors, like a vintage picture or illustration.

I am posting sample folds that, at this point, really only reflect the front and back sides of the book cover/ poster. I tried to number them with the corresponding thumbnails.


  1. I think 5, 6, and 9 are more closely at what you're aiming towards---the memories. 5 looks visually interesting but maybe already done; 6 can be tricky depending on the memories being revealed; 9 is the most interesting to me because you listed 'complicated folds to elude to memory'--think of memory in of itself, hows its complex to keep/hold on to memories and build complicated folds from there. it would be real interesting to unfold to this one!

  2. I like number 6. I think the accordion fold would be an interesting way to reveal the memories. Also, 5 and 1 seem pretty similar but I think they can be done nicely and either one would give the circus vibe and the revealing of the memories. I also agree with Adrianne about 9, she has a very good point .