Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Lanni - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

top to bottom.

1. have the title like it was on a box stamped on there. then on each fold would have a character profile, then ending on a group image of all characters
2. Have the gates of the factory on the cover, then open to folds with a picture of a main event such as the TV room as pictured, then when opened the back will be a poster of a landscape of inside the factory.
3. a wonka bar on the cover, then different scenes on the folds such as this one the invention room, then when opened it will show a golden ticket.
4. the cover would be a golden ticket, then each fold in a random order will just be a type solution for the 7 deadly sins that are abstract told through out the novel, then finishing with a picture of a top hat on its side, giving it a modern feel with a lot of negative space and the tile up top.
5. The cover would be a landscape of the old gloomy house that Charlie lives (very gray and very damaged looking) then each fold will again explain a deadly sin but will be shown with a image. Then finishing with the keys to the factory that Charlie receives that the end.


  1. I like the idea of having the wonka gate on the front. I was thinking you maybe in each fold you could have different scenes or the sins and then in could open up to the landscape of the factory.

  2. I agree. I also like the idea of having the wonka gates open up. It's such an iconic image that could work. I also like the idea of having it look like a candy bar. It would be kind of meat to turn it into a poster by unwrapping it like a candy bar.

  3. Your little character is so cute, Daniel! Haha...

  4. I also agree with the idea of the cover opening like unwrapping candy!