Thursday, March 10, 2011

Alford- Rockefeller

For my poster, I chose the Rockefeller Center. Since this center is full of eleborate art and recognizable pieces, I chose to emphasize the statue of Atlas located in front of the GE Building. This way, the viewer can still see the outline of the buildings but interact with the art. The spherical pieces on atlas are cutouts, where the viewer can fold over to create a 3-dimensional effect with the negative space.

I chose this method because it is very simple yet effective. I feel like most people that would walk by would be curious and stop to interact. (That is the main objective, right?)

To rate the overall success of the final, I would have to give it an 8. I believe it is visually interesting, but maybe the execution of the cutouts could have been thought out better. Maybe make them bigger and more proportional.

I learned that simple is usually the best way to go!

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