Tuesday, March 29, 2011

berumen- Fahrenheit 451

Most of the ideas were too complex to show picture by picture steps.....ive ordered the folds by numbers


  1. These are still kind of confusing. I wish you would have included a bit of explanation.

    I like the shapes of #4 and #6... do they symbolize anything in particular in the book? The flame flaps in #9 are also a nice touch.

    Most of these seem like really complicated folds. I'm guessing you're going to play around a lot with hidden items?

  2. O I thought this was just one idea that was showing the process of folding all the way through. Was a little confused. But I like the idea that the end result would be the name of the book in folded form. Also not sure who or what this book is.

  3. I like the F451 thing, but I don't know how you would accomplish it. My advice would be to keep it simple and concentrate on one specific theme. Play around with the folding ideas but consider the imagery/type as well.