Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Hansen: Cat's Cradle/Thumbs

I chose the book Cat's Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut

In the book John (the narrator) researches the background for his book on the atomic bomb. He becomes fascinated by Dr. Felix Hoenikker (creator of the atom bomb). Ironically the atomic bomb isn't Hoenikker's most devastating creation, he synthesized "Ice-Nine" to work on the problem of getting soldiers out of the mud. Ice-Nine freezes the water so soldiers can lift themselves out of the mud, but the freezing action will continue until every bit of water on earth is turned into solid ice.
When Hoenikker died Ice-Nine was entrusted to his children, who are irresponsible and use the power of Ice-Nine only for their personal advantage. In the book mankind continually refuses to acknowledge what may be called its terminal stupidity and therefore perpetually threatens its own existence.
The few positive forces in the novel is undermined: love is presented as worthy but impossible, even comical ideal. Bokononism, a religious philosophy expounded throughout the book focuses on man as sacred. The book is humorous but far from optimistic about man's fate.

On my thumbs I decided to focus more on different themes or concept rather than how the cover would unfold, I want to have a strong concept before I worry about how the cover itself will unfold.


  1. I really like the idea involving the string being in a tangled mess then turning into something organized.

  2. I'm really confused. I agree with Courtney about the first thumb. The one with the different steps to making a cat's cradle would also be interesting, but it needs a stronger concept, and something that will really hit you when you finish unfolding the cover. Does that make sense? A lot of these are hard to understand. Sorry if I'm just not getting it.

  3. I agree with what he's saying! I would go off of the "tangled string" and the different steps to making the cats cradle. Maybe you can somehow combine the two, on the one side of the poster could be the "untangling" of the string into the cats cradle and then on the back you can put simple sketches showing the steps to make it.