Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Van Blackman- Abraham Lincoln Vampire Slayer

synopsis: after years of slaying vampires, Abe Lincoln climbs his way to be elected President. Little does the country know that the Civil War is not just North vs. South, but good vs. evil.

1. my first idea is to unfold the cover to reveal a holographic image of Lincoln. In the first position, he is himself. when you shift the picture a little to a separate angle, he is a vampire.

2. the second poster idea is a diagram of an axe, or it could be any weapon used to kill vampires. anyways, it would be old-fashioned-like, with blood stains on it, and quotes with pointed arrows that read something like, "this is where you meet the blade with his neck".

3. the third idea is an extension of number two. but instead of a single weapon that is displayed, several weapons and techniques are shown on the poster with diagrams. the title will be Manual: How To Kill A Vampire

4. the fourth idea is somewhat already being used by the current bookcover, but its just a cover and not a poster. the idea is that there are two sides to the poster: on the front, Abe Lincoln standing boldly and calmly in the crisp clean White House with his arms behind his back. on the back: a picture of what you see if you were standing behind Abraham. it shows that he is actually holding a bloodied axe and a dismembered vampire head behing his back. cool

5. i would take what we learned from the last project and have a sliding mechanism on a poster of a burning white house with vampires surrounding it. then, when you slide a tab, Lincoln is slaying every vampire in sight with his axe and the white house is no longer burning.


  1. larry...i really liked the second idea of the old fashioned weapon, axe, and the quotes coming off it...i'm interested in what other quotes you would use...nice....

  2. Oh I like the holographic idea. But how would you do that? I think that's really cool.

    I also really like the 4 and 5th ideas. But is there a way you come combine them? I love how at first what you see is a typical political portrait of Abe Lincoln but then 'surprise he's a bloody vampire slayer.' And I also love the interactive element in the 5th idea. Use something like that for the 4th idea.

  3. i think the idea of the old fashioned axe is pretty cool! You will be able to pull some nice textures and color off this if it is photography based? I wonder if you could combine ideas two and three?